AV Network Design

networksAs part of the team that brought networking to installed audio systems, our experience in this field is unmatched in the industry. Our team has designed some of the largest and most advanced audio networks in existence. We have also developed the most sophisticated means of remotely controlling and monitoring those systems for faults over the network – all with a simple user interface, that empowers the end-user, and provides support staff with the confidence that their technical systems are fully operational.

AV networking is no longer something that is exclusive to theme parks and large, campus-based environments. K2 has the expertise to integrate AV networks into schools, performing arts, and corporate environments, in a cost-effective manner, that provides the end-user with a high return on investment. The convergence of AV and IT means that these previously disparate systems can now be integrated to provide central management, greater troubleshooting visibility, and an ease of information distribution (especially during emergency situations), that wasn’t previously possible.