Custom AV Solutions

custom-av-solutionsWhen standard, off-the-shelf products will not provide a satisfactory solution to meet a client’s needs, K2 Audio has the ability to develop custom hardware and software solutions.

One such example developed for a federal government client was the “portable member panel”. This product was a result of the need to provide flexibility in room configuration, bi-directional audio (a loudspeaker and microphone) at each user’s position in the room, and specific size and aesthetic characteristics to match existing furniture. The product we designed uses a single CAT5 cable to carry all required audio and control signals, as well as power, to the unit. This ease of connectivity enables individual units to be quickly and easily added or removed based on the number of participants in the event. Other special features include a reeler to automatically store the microphone cable within the unit, and an ultrasonic microphone proximity sensor to automatically mute the microphone when located in its stowed position.