room-acousticsFrom performing arts and educational buildings to houses of worship, corporate, and government facilities, K2’s expertise in the field of acoustics spans a wide range of applications and projects. Our acoustics consultants draw from their engineering and artistic backgrounds to help building owners, design teams and end-users provide spaces that are acoustically pleasing and appropriately quiet. In addition to standard design services, we can assist in meeting LEED, CHPS, Well, or other high-performance building acoustics requirements, and also provide acoustical measurement services.

Our design efforts entail customization of the acoustical environment, including recommendations for:

Architectural Acoustics
-Room Acoustics: room shaping, surface materials and finishes, speech privacy and sound masking
-Noise Control: eliminating or reducing the noise generated from mechanical, electrical, or shop equipment and systems
-Sound Isolation: spatial planning and construction techniques to eliminate, minimize or reduce sound transfer from one space to another

Environmental Noise/Monitoring – reducing the noise generated by industrial, recreational, or transportation activities
-Outdoor venues
-Community noise
-Conducting sound studies
-Developing noise standards for communities or outdoor venues
-Measuring and remediating the impact of noise sources

Vibration Isolation – eliminating or reducing vibrations from equipment or other sources that can be audible or felt within a space or building

Sound Masking Systems