Aerospace Engineering Sciences Building


Designed in collaboration with industry leaders, the state-of-the-art Aerospace Engineering Sciences Building at MSU Denver houses precision machine tools for advanced manufacturing, as well as advanced satellite and aerospace technology. The building was recognized at the 57th Annual Downtown Denver Awards Dinner, and also received the 2018 Laboratory of the Year Special Mention Award from R&D Magazine and Laboratory Design.

Our acoustical consulting services included sound isolation, noise control, and architectural acoustics. To isolate noise between spaces, detailed surveys of the manufacturing and workshop equipment in the existing campus facilities were executed, and noise impact from these tools and machines to adjacent teaching areas were evaluated. Noise control of building services required significant isolation of rooftop equipment. Customized solutions were used to dampen noise within the manufacturing labs, since traditional absorptive treatments were not options due both to the open-to-structure architecture and the particles and dust generated by the tools.

K2 also designed more than 40 individual AV systems for labs, conference rooms, and both and active learning classrooms. We also designed an Oblong Mezzanine Conferencing Center based on an immersive wand-based control experience that connects with teleconferencing to foster powerful long-distance collaboration with other regional centers owned by the same organization. A rough-in was designed for a Mission Operations Control Room to allow projection across the front wall from a powerful computer. Detailed coordination was required to maintain consistency with the university’s preferred configuration-based AV programming platform even though parts of the system relied on newer network-based video endpoints which were not yet supported by their AV platform.


Architect: Anderson Mason Dale
General Contractor: GH Phipps
Completed: 2017
Size: 115,000 square feet
Cost: $39 million