The Arvada Center Banquet Halls, Arvada, CO

ArvadaCenterThe Arvada Center Banquet Halls consist of a large ballroom consisting of four divisible spaces, and a fifth attached ballroom with large double doors leading into the divisible space. The Audio/Video systems we designed support a variety of events from weddings, corporate meetings and seminars, to local government and cultural events.

Through touch panel control interfaces located in each space, the users are able to divide and combine ballroom spaces, route audio and video, control audio levels, control source equipment transport, and assign wireless microphone channels. The simple user interface allows for non-technical user setup and use, enabling events to occur without requiring extensively trained AV operators.

Each ballroom contains at least one locking wall plate with audio and video connectivity. Ten wireless microphone channels are available for assignment to any ballroom space. All audio processing, routing and room combining is accomplished via a single Digital Signal Processing (DSP) solution.

Each divisible ballroom contains a portable projector and screen for display of local video sources and centrally located DVD players. Though there are five DVD players in all, each can be individually assigned to any ballroom space. DVD player outputs are available at each wall plate location for connection to the portable video projectors.

The attached ballroom has a fixed, ceiling-mounted video projector, as well as a permanently-mounted, electrically-operated drop down projection screen. Local video source connection is accomplished via wall plate and floor box connectionons. The central DVD players feed the permanent projector directly.