Coy-Hoffman Barn Conference Center, Fort Collins, CO

Renovated Barn InteriorThis 1866 barn, constructed of sandstone and timber frame, was recently renovated to become a conference center for Woodward, Inc. The rehabilitated barn is part of Woodward’s new world headquarters campus that sits on the historic Coy-Hoffman farm site in Fort Collins, CO. K2 was hired to provide AV design and acoustics consulting services for the project.

The barn is equipped with a sophisticated, but intuitive and easy-to-use audiovisual presentation system to support conferencing functions. An ultra-short throw projector and motorized projection screen serve as the primary displays for the long narrow room, and two supplemental fat panel monitors serve as secondary viewing displays for participants located in the back of the space. All technology is integrated into the historic barn in as unobtrusive a manner as possible, with care taken to maintain the historic nature of the building. A presenter can present either wirelessly or from hard-wired connectivity, with support for remote participants via web-conferencing.

Our acoustics services consisted of the specification of acoustical room treatments, and recommendations for mechanical systems noise and vibration control. The fixed volume of the room, and the restoration goals presented a particular challenge for the placement of acoustical treatments. Much of the absorption was achieved using
panels covered with a scrim. Rustic, slatted wood was then placed on top, with reveals to expose the scrim behind.

Renovated Barn Ceiling

Renovated Barn Ceiling


Architect: alm2s Fort Collins, CO