The Torch, Doha, Qatar

slider - carpet restaurantK2 was tasked with the design, programming and configuration of the audio DSP and AV control systems for The Torch Hotel in Doha, Qatar – an iconic symbol of the city. The audio systems included background music for the lobby, restaurants and bars, fitness and health facilities, and most other public areas, as well as hotel-wide paging systems. The requirement was to provide a system that is extremely flexible and allows simultaneous routing and control of many different music sources throughout the facility while providing an extremely user-friendly interface for the hotel staff. Custom music playlist control and scheduling, synchronized and scheduled Athan priority-broadcast, wireless control through iPads, zoned user access and full system redundancy for 24×7 operation are some of the main features that were incorporated. Using custom scripting, the native capabilities of the DSP system were expanded to serve the very specific functional requirements of the space. In addition, K2 also programmed and configured the AV control systems for several conference and meeting rooms at the hotel. These systems provide wireless control for videoconferencing and computer presentation systems, and were designed to present the system controls in a simple, user-friendly interface required for multipurpose rooms supporting different users every day.

As part of the AV design and integration team led by AV Tech, K2 worked closely with the owner, hotel manager and technical teams, to ensure that the systems provided met the requirements of the hotel’s daily operations while contributing to the unique and sophisticated 5-star experience at The Torch.