Tenants and landlords can fin information at www.seattle.gov/EvictionAssistance. The City of Seattle will continue totake action to support thosemost in need striving toprotectthehealth andwell-beingof our residents,prevent homelessnessandundue financial hardship, and buildOne Seattlewithabundant opportunityfor all and thriving, vibrant, connected communities., Address: On March 18, 2020, Governor Inslee issued Proclamation 20-19 imposing a 30-day statewide eviction moratorium prohibiting residential landlords from issuing any eviction notice based upon non-payment of rent or termination of a tenancy unless the landlord attaches an affidavit attesting that the action is necessary to ensure the health and safety What you see is stress levels going up. For tenants who have already applied for rent assistance, King County will continue to select recipients using a lottery system. If you anticipate the eviction may require additional time, you must notify the assigned detective in advance and additional fees may apply. Unfortunately, we will not be able to help everyone that has registered. Officials around the nation are seeing a slowdown in people starting the vaccination process, Shah said, adding: That is something that we are concerned about in the public health community.. Seattlecontinues to show thenationhow to protect small businesses and residents byestablishingand continuingone of the first in the nation moratoriumson evictions to keep families safe. In additiontodistribution ofall availableemergencyrentalassistance, trulyvulnerable tenants thosestillsufferingsignificantpandemic-related financial hardships will continue to haveenhanced evictionprotections,while at the same timesmall landlordshave needed clarity as they evaluatehow to move forward.. The goal is to place a new, qualified tenant prior to the current lease end date in order to minimize vacancy time. With the existing moratorium set to end June 30, the extension which is a new version that will be released in the coming days is an attempt to deal with the pandemic's massive economic. Landlords are encouraged to contact the detective prior to the physical eviction. The remaining funds, Velasco says, will be distributed by the end of March to Seattle households through the King County Eviction Prevention Rental Assistance Program that applied before Feb. 28. Seattle Councilmember Andrew Lewis was our guest April 11th. According to the Housing Justice Project (HJP), an arm of the King County Bar Association that provides free legal assistance to people facing eviction, most evictions filed during the state moratorium on evictions between April 2020 and March 2021 occurred in South King County, which was also particularly hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to new laws passed by the state and the city of Seattle, low-income tenants facing eviction are guaranteed free legal support from an attorney. The eviction moratorium lapsed on July 31, but the CDC announced on August 3 a limited eviction moratorium through October 3 for renters living in communities experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases, covering an estimated 80% of all U.S. counties and 90% of all renters. Duringthe next two weeks, Mayor Harrell will reviewreports created by interdepartmental City teams defined in his previousExecutive Order toevaluatedata,improve existing efforts,and seekadditionalsolutions. Additionally, in King County, there is currently a court order that any eviction may be delayed by up to 60 days for a person who is enrolled in the EPRAP program to allow time for the program to pay rent. If you get an eviction notice, call the Renting in Seattle Helpline. In the spring, the Legislature and Inslee approved a host of programs aimed at preventing a cascade of foreclosures and evictions. An additional $28 million of federal funds was approved in August and the City is already distributing these funds including to United Way King County. Mailing Address: Correction: This article has been updated with the correct amount of rent relief money King County has distributed since the start of the pandemic. The moratorium has been in place in Seattle since March 2020. On Feb. 28, Seattle's COVID-19 residential and commercial eviction moratorium ended. Questions about the moratorium ending? But there's one thing both must do immediately, without delay: Extend the city and state eviction moratoriums through the end of 2021. The federal government has some emergency rent relief funding left to distribute, but its unlikely Congress will appropriate morefederal funds in the near future. Tens of thousands still havent been helped yet: The most recent Census Bureau Pulse Survey data (week 39) finds that there are 128,126 tenants still behind in rent. In the first three days of March, after the Seattle moratorium ended, another 202 cases arrived. Its not clear if enough money remains in the EPRAP coffers to reach all of these new applicants. Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant called for the moratorium to continue through the end of the COVID-19 public health emergency. Additional information can be found in theProcedures for Writs of Restitution. SeattleToday, Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell announced thatresidential andcommercialeviction moratoriawill expire at the end of the monthof February. Some jurisdictions like Seattle, Kenmore, and Burien have extended local eviction moratoriums through years end, but many living in other jurisdictions who are behind on rent will find themselves at risk of eviction come November. Rigdon fell behind on rent for months and received about $16,000 in rent assistance last year, he said. The catch is that King County has been lagging behind other counties in disbursing those funds. Washington Administrative Code On Feb. 22, the Seattle City Council voted 5-3 against a proposal to extend the moratorium for. By subscribing, you agree to receive occasional membership emails from Crosscut/Cascade Public Media. In the last two weeks of February, before the moratorium ended, the center received 679 cases. The City has distributed more than $15 million of the first allocation of the American Rescue Plan rent relief to tenants and landlords since June including 100% of funds to United Way King County and income-restricted affordable housing. . If your bridge protections are lifted on November 1st our communities will experience an increase in unsheltered homelessness and the millions in unexpended rental assistance funds will not be able to provide the safety-net that we all banked on.Protections under the bridge proclamation and your previous eviction moratorium have played a massive role in preventing homelessness. Visit the Landlord Portal. For a family of four, 50% of the median is $57,850 per year currently. Governor Jay Inslee's eviction moratorium bridge order is set to expire on October 31st, and the Governor confirmed Thursday he is not issuing another extension, as the Spokesman-Review reported. Darya Farivar, The Urbanist Elections Committees endorsed candidate in LD46, was our October Urbanist Meetup guest. State Health Secretary Umair Shah said hes hopeful the state can still hit its goal before June 30. We dont want to have success reopening our businesses, and then see a wave of homelessness, Inslee said in a news conference on states response to the pandemic. The governor first ordered the moratorium in March 2020, after broad swaths of economic and social life closed down amid the pandemic. Find certified small business contractors and suppliers. And almost 169,000 renters express no confidence in their ability to pay next months rent. If a tenant is unable to pay their rent, the best success theyre going to have is to address that and communicate immediately with their landlord, said Brett Waller, government affairs director at the Washington Multi-Family Housing Association. Eviction Moratorium Expired February 28, 2022. Seattle's Mayor is the head of the Executive department. The citys emergency declaration is still in place. Eviction for No Lease or End of Lease. Tenants have 14 days to respond to that offer. Thats illegal, Simpson said. Renters can also seek help from theTenant Law Centerat 206-324-6890. A key piece of the safety net for tenants like Rigdon throughout the pandemic has been hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funds for emergency rent assistance. Checkor money order should be made payable to "King County Sheriff." Pierce County has so far spent about $19 million for rent and utility help, of roughly $69 million from various sources, according to the county. Tenants who miss rent payments within six months of the civil emergency order (not the moratorium) ending are entitled to installment plans to repay their debt, under a 2020 council ordinance. Housing Justice Project managing attorney Edmund Witter said renters who receive an eviction notice should contact the Housing Justice Project right away, either throughits web form, by phone at 206-267-7069 or email, hjpstaff@kcba.org. If you receive a pay-or-vacate notice in Seattle, call the City's Renting in Seattle Helpline at (206) 684-5700 to make sure it's a valid notice. Revised Code ofWashington Seattle residents facing eviction are also afforded a right to legal counseland additionaleviction protectionsbased on time of year. Visit our eviction assistance page for both renters and landlords to learn about post-moratorium regulations and resources. He lives in East Fremont and loves to explore the city on his bike. The Governor's eviction moratorium, Proclamation 20-19.6, ended at 11:59 p.m. on June 30, 2021. For questions and general information about tenants rights, call Solid Grounds Tenant Services Message Line at 206-694-6767 or the Tenants Union of Washington State hotline at 206-723-0500 or try tenantsunion.org. Eviction prevention protections in place today vary by jurisdiction. Update: This article was updated at 1:42pm October 29th to add Governor Inslees no extension announcement. P.O. The city of Seattle alone has invested nearly $59 million toward rental assistance using general funds and federal funding during the last two years. After June 30, people who are not vaccinated are still going to be required to wear masks in indoor settings when they go to work, he said. In 2021, the hotline averaged about 270 calls per month, according to data from the Department of Construction and Inspections. AKA mid-January. As we worktogethertoward to a new normal, we know were not yet out of the woods ofthis pandemic,said Mayor Harrell. Box 94749, Seattle, WA, 98124-4749 The Mayor directs and controls all City offices and departments except where that authority is granted to another office by the City Charter. Seattle's eviction moratorium, which for the past nearly two years has prevented evictions of residential renters, small businesses and nonprofits, will be extended through the end of. That money will be used to fund remaining applications but it will not serve all pre-registered households. Tenants who feel they have been discriminated against in housing based on one of Seattles protected classes can file a complaint with the citys Office for Civil Rights atseattle.gov/civilrights/file-complaint, For help negotiating, tenants and landlords can contact the Dispute Resolution Center of King County atkcdrc.org. They have protected vulnerable households and have prevented racial inequities from getting even worse. Renting in Seattle Helpline: (206) 684-5700, Moving Out and Evictions Learn about what to do when giving or receiving notice to move: Renters | Landlords. What has been abundantly proven over this last year and a half is that these eviction protections are working.. SEATTLE Seattle's eviction moratorium officially ended Monday, two years after it was enacted. Now, Giust said she has reapplied to King County and is again waiting to hear back. In addition to the moratoria extension, the executive order ends dates for rent deferral policies for tenants of City Finance and Administrative Services facilities for December 31, 2021, for both businesses and nonprofits. With an array of new state and city laws in effect, both landlords and tenants are unsure of their rights, said Neal Simpson, spokesperson for Solid Ground, which runs a tenant message line. According to data from King County and Washington state departments of health, as of Monday, February 14, 2022: . Posting comments is now limited to subscribers only. The vote followed an announcement from Mayor Bruce Harrell that the moratorium would end on Feb. 28. An investigation found no hiring policies were violated but noted there is no consistent process for filling leadership positions. 5680 King Centre Drive . Complete this online form to request legal assistance in English or Spanish. . Last fall, said Witter, his clients' average debt . Please dont walk away now. But each Friday, she said, she received an email from the countys lottery-like system telling her, You were not selected this week.. Both moratoriums were first proclaimed in mid-March 2020 . For questions and general information about tenants' rights, call Solid Ground's Tenant Services Message Line at (206) 694-6767 or the Tenants Union of Washington State hotline at (206) 723-0500 or try tenantsunion.org. The pandemics unprecedented economic toll threatened thousands of our neighbors with eviction, but the hard work of our staff and community partners has kept more than 12,000 households in their homes, Executive Constantine said. An accomplished architect, Hutchins has long advocated for more housing options. Detectives will serve the tenant or post a residence with a writ of restitution or court order. If you are a tenant and you have begun working with a staff member on your rent assistance application, you can log into your tenant portal using the link Im a Tenant below. When the city's moratorium on residential evictions expires, a six-month defense in court against evictions due to COVID-19 hardship will kick in, as will a defense against evictions based. While we face theunexpected rise of the Delta variant, thisnextextension will ensureevery level of governmentcan providerental assistanceand housing supportto tenants and landlords, which iscritical to stabilizing the community as we reopenand recover.. We are committed to working with the County Executive, ensuring the community both landlords and tenants understand the program and the availability of funding.. About 2,200 households have received an average of $9,000 per household, said spokesperson Kari Moore. Remember, a 14-day notice is the beginning of a legal process that can result in eviction. 60,000 Seattle area renters are behind on rent, and the WBBA has been working with the Dow [Constantine], and we are thankful to see the progress thats being made. Everybodys kind of confused about what they can and cannot do, Simpson said. Connect with services that can help with rental assistance, shelter, legal referrals, housing assistance, and more. Community Technology Advisory Board (CTAB), Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT), 600 4th Ave, Seattle, WA, 7th Floor, Seattle, WA, 98104. Read the Mayor's eviction moratorium announcement. The surge in outreach has also meant many new EPRAP applicants. Chase Gallagher, who is communication director for the King County Executive, said another $22 million would go toward community-based organizations doing outreach and processing applications. The site closed this month, leaving her looking for full-time work again, she said. State officials meanwhile continue to prod residents to get vaccinated. BIPOC communities, people with disabilities, households with children, LGBTQIA+ communities, immigrants, those with the lowest incomes, and other marginalized groups all face serious risks of homelessness on November 1st unless eviction protections are extended.The undersigned organizations urge you to extend the eviction bridge protections until the end of the public health emergency or at least until rental assistance funds are expended. Mayor Durkan has also directed utilities to refrain from shutting off service to customers through January 15, 2022. >> Download KING 5's Roku and Amazon Fire apps to watch live newscasts and video on demand. Please read Mayor Harrell's latest eviction moratorium announcement. Writs returnable to court within 10 or 20 days of issuance, will likely not be enforced. Download: Adobe PDF. (Interpreters are available.). Counties have also pointed to new documentation requirements that add time to processing applications for help. This spring, she said she landed a job at Seattles Lumen Field mass vaccination site. ARLINGTON COUNTY. Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell announced the end of the eviction moratorium on Feb. 11, extending it for a final two weeks. The new funding comes in addition to $500 million already released by the state, which has provided rental assistance to more than 80,000 renters and landlords, according to the governors office. The Housing Justice Project, which represents King County tenants facing eviction, is receiving 150 to 200 calls a day, up from 40 to 50 about six months ago, said senior managing attorney Edmund Witter. roger ewing photographer,

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